Kylertown is a very small community located near the eastern edge of Clearfield County, PA. We are just north of Interstate 80 off of Exit 133. This puts us a little more to the south than we were previously in Kersey, PA, and solidly in Zone 5B.

My goal has always been to breed the hardiest tetraploid daylilies possible. I don't expect the minor zone change to have much of an effect on that goal. Pennsylvania winters are frigid no matter what part of the state you are in! I have narrowed my focus to bluish eyed things and near whites, although if a seedling proves to have the "right stuff" in this climate, it will be considered for introduction. I don't bloom my seedlings in a greenhouse. My seedlings are put into the ground when they are four to six months old and grown in good old-fashioned Pennsylvania farm dirt in full sun.

I am a total amateur when it comes to photography. I used a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI that I got in December of 2006 to take the majority of the pictures on this website. I like to photograph the flowers in a real-world garden situation on overcast days. I do not take pictures of my flowers in a greenhouse or other artificial sheltered situation, so what you see is what you get.

That said, here are a number of selected seedlings that I am evaluating:

If you look closely at this one, you will see that it has a triple edge of fuschia, purple and gold. My only concern for this seedling is hardiness.

2008- I REALLY like this one, and have been using it with other blue eyed things. The eye on this is remarkably blue, but again: I don't know if the hardiness factor is up to par.

Lucid Moment x Tet. Lavender Blue Baby

2008- For as dark as it is and with LBB in it's background, this one does not blotch up a great deal. Will continue to evaluate.


Starfish Moon x Destined To See

Again, the concern with this seedling is hardiness.

2008- this one did not bloom this year.

Mystical Rainbow x Simply Divine

2008- Really disappointed in this one this year. For all the promise that it showed in 2007, it failed to deliver this year. Will watch it for another year or so and hope....

Gillian x Bonnie Breenie

2008- Did not bloom this year.

Pennsylvania Bucktails x Total Commitment

Excellent bud count and branching for the first year, and is a GREAT cold morning opener!

2008- very impressed by this one. See Daylily Seedlings page for new picture and comments.